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Chapter 3 (excerpt)

I was just a child when death brushed past me, leaving a chill that lingered far longer than the bruises.

It was a sunny afternoon, the kind of day that should have been spent running around the fields. Instead, it turned into the day I should have died.

Our home was undergoing renovations, and a hulking scaffold was propped against the house, a tower that seemed to scrape the sky. But it was improperly secured, a testament to my father's inebriated state. One moment, my brother Vince and I were playing around the scaffold, the next, it was toppling over, and I was underneath.

If it weren't for a stray dog we had recently taken in, I wouldn't be here telling this story. The dog was tied to a rope stretching across the yard, and it was this rope that caught the falling scaffold, slowing its descent. It landed on me, crushing a car in the process, but thanks to the dog, it didn't fall with its full force.

I was trapped, buried beneath the rubble, my world consumed by darkness and pain. My father, with an adrenaline-fueled strength, lifted the scaffold and pulled me out. It was a dangerous move - one that could have worsened potential spinal injuries - but in the shock of the moment, all that mattered was getting me out.

Rushed to the hospital, bruised and unable to walk, doctors were astounded when the X-rays showed no broken bones. It was as if by some miracle I had survived unscathed. Everyone had prepared for the worst. The news of my accident had spread across the village, and the collective sigh of relief when I returned home was almost palpable.

Those following weeks were a blur of pain and discomfort, confined to bed, the world passing by me in a slow, agonizing crawl. But with each passing day, my strength returned. Like a felled sapling that straightens up after a storm, I was walking again, a little shaky, but with each step, the memory of the scaffold faded, replaced with a newfound gratitude for life.

Chapter 4 (excerpt)


We had to deal with the elements of nature inside these homes. The spider webs, the plants growing in odd places – it was like stepping into a different world. Sometimes, we'd find valuable items among the wreckage. It was like a treasure hunt for us.

Selling the items we found and fixed up became a source of income for us. We were resourceful, making use of what was left behind and forgotten. The abandoned houses were like a gold mine for us. They had so many things that we could sell or even use ourselves.

Although our lifestyle may seem unusual to some, it was our way of making ends meet. We took what others had discarded, cleaned it up, and gave it a new purpose. It wasn't always easy, especially when we had to clean or fix up large furniture, but it was something we had to do.

Life wasn't always dark and filled with hardship. We had our moments of fun and laughter too. But it was a challenging period in our lives, filled with both good and bad times. But I suppose that's what made us who we are today – resourceful, resilient, and always finding ways to make the best out of any situation.

Chapter 6 (excerpt)

Changing Days

Life has a funny way of shaking things up. After we moved, someone new came into our lives. His name was Christian, and he became my stepdad. 

In our house, we didn't have a TV. So, we had to figure out other ways to spend our time. My brother loved video games and played them in his caravan. In the meantime, my sister and I tried to keep ourselves busy inside the house. A lot of times, I felt bored and didn't know what to do.

My mom became my partner during these times. I spent a lot of time with her, helping her with house chores, like cleaning and cooking. We were together so much that we grew very close. Those moments, though they might seem small, shaped me a lot.

On weekends, our routine changed. We would go to old, empty houses and pick up things people had left behind. My dad would then sell these things. Over time, our home started to fill up with all sorts of objects and items we'd found. It was like living in a treasure chest.

I began to enjoy making arts and crafts from the stuff we found. We had so much of it that I could always find something to make or do. I used everything — crayons, charcoal, old toys. They were my tools for creating. I even loved coloring my Barbie dolls' hair with charcoal.

We also had a lot of school supplies at home. My dad had a habit of bringing home things people threw away. I put these items to use too. The charcoal pencils, which were going to be thrown out, became my Barbie's hair dye. I even used balloons to make fun and stylish clothes for my dolls.

Looking back, I realize these early years made me fall in love with art and colors. Even though life was tough, it gave me a chance to be creative. These changes were slow, but they were big. They helped me become who I am today.

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